retaW Car Tags

retaW Car Tags


That cedar tree hanging from your rearview mirror in your post-college car didn't do you any favors, we both know it. And since you and your car have both gotten more sophisticated since those days, it's time to freshen things with something equally as tasteful in both looks and scent. retaW's car tags do the job, putting subtle but noticeable scents of champagne and bergamot, patchouli and vanilla, lily and cassis, or fresh milled Japanese soap in to your ride. Don't worry if you've decided to ditch the ride altogether, they work equally as well hung in closets or stuck in to large drawers to keep small spaces and clothing smelling fresh and noticeable, just like you.


Allen: Lily / Cassis
Evelyn: Champagne / Bergamot
Barney: Fresh Milled Soap
Natural Mystic: Vanilla / Patchouli

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