Aclim8 Combar Pro

Aclim8 Combar Pro


Serving as an axe, hammer, spade, knife, and saw, Aclim8's Combar Pro is a Mil-spec multi-tool that's ideal for backpacking and other times when space and weight are at a premium. When folded, the hammer head is exposed, with the stainless steel axe blade and titanium spade folding out and locking into place. The steel drop-point knife and saw are stashed away inside the hollowed-out handle when not in use, and all three handles are crafted from hard-anodized aluminum and textured glass-reinforced nylon. For times when the knife or saw aren't needed, the space inside the handle can be filled with the included magazine insert, which provides storage for a variety of smaller items. Arrives with a water-resistant case and durable polymer holster.

Overall Length: 15.75 / Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Axe Face Length: 2.25"

Spade Length: 7.08" / Width: 1.57"

Hammer Pad Length: 1.18" / Width: 0.78"

Knife Blade Length: 4.54" / Overall length: 9.45" / Thickness: 0.15" / Weight: 4.76 oz.

Saw Blade Length: 6" - 9.45" / Closed Length: 10.5" / Open Length: 15.55" - 19" / Thickness: 0.43" / Weight: 7.76 oz.

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