Best Made Co. Jigata Hatchet

Best Made Co. Jigata Hatchet


Made from a combination of S45C steel, 0.45% carbon, and a scorched white oak handle, Best Made Co.'s signature hatchet lives up to the reputation it set for itself with its famous axes. The Japanese-made hatchet is produced by hand, but not just by anyone. Best Made Co. selected local Japanese legend Mizuno-san who was awarded the title of Traditional Craftsman by the state, and he and his three sons craft each hatchet in-line with the styles and craftsmanship of of Japan's smithing history. Unlike most hatchets that are used as blunt instruments for heavy striking, this Jigata hatchet is engineered for precision cutting, so treat it more like a fine knife than hardware store wood-chopper.

Length: 17.7"

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