Jedburgh Pathfinder Kit

Jedburgh Pathfinder Kit


Named for the teams that parachuted into Occupied Europe during World War II, the Jedburgh Pathfinder Kit is a compact survival kit that deserves a spot in your pack. Housed in a mini mess tin, it includes an assortment of essentials. Most notably, a compass, water purification tablets, a fire starting kit, a distress whistle, a wire saw, and light sticks — not enough to outlast an extended emergency, but enough to get you through a mishap on the trail.

Contents: Mini Compass / 10 Water Purification Tablets / 12ft Gold Wires / Striker / Fire Flint / Magnesium Block / Survival Fishing Kit / Distress Whistle / Commando Wire Saw / 2 x Sail Needle No. 18 / 2" Mayday Signal Mirror / Unlubricated Condom (Water Carrier) / Mini 2" Light Stick / Rite in the Rain Waterproof Notebook / Small Pencil

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