KeySmart CleanTray

KeySmart CleanTray


We come into contact with germs every day. By extension, so does our EDC, making it in some cases even dirtier than your average toilet seat. Keysmart's CleanTray can keep it germ-free. Using UV light, it eliminates up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria in just five minutes. Its size allows it to hold oversized phones, as well as essentials like knives, keychains, wallets, and even earphones. A 10,000-hour lifespan ensures it will work for years, and a built-in aromatherapy diffuser lets your stuff smell as clean as it feels.

Power Input: Micro USB / LED Wavelength: 260-280nm

Inner Dimensions: Length: 7.8" / Width: 3.9" / Height: 1.1"

Exterior Dimensions: Length: 8.2" / Width: 4.6" / Height: 2"

Weight: 8 oz.

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