Light Phone

Light Phone


We're all guilty of mindlessly staring at our smartphones instead of taking the time to view the real world in front of us. The Light Phone, now off of pre-order and available for immediate shipment, acts as a temporary replacement to your existing phone, giving you a break from social media feeds and news notifications, while still keeping a sleek device in your pocket for those old-fashioned "phone calls".

The Light Phone arrives with its own SIM as an unlocked 2G GSM phone that's ready to be used right of out the box (which in this case is actually a special hardbound book). So along with your new number, you'll mostly want to use call forwarding from your fancy smartphone. You get three free months of service, and then it's only $5 a month afterwards (U.S. only).

Roughly the shape of a credit card and only a bit thicker, you'll forget you have a phone with you until you really need one. A beautiful and extremely user-friendly web-based interface let's you add up to 10 contacts for quick dialing. In our own usage, the battery lasts a few days on a single charge. Available in white or black, the Light Phone's minimal design is an instant classic, and surely makes Jonny Ive envious.

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