Micro Flashlight

Micro Flashlight


Yes, we all have a flashlight in our pockets thanks to our cellphones. But for anything farther than arm's length away, it's not very useful. Dapper's TL Micro Flashlight packs a far more useful torch into a keychain-friendly form. The body is made from Aircraft-grade aluminum, and houses a Nichia LED capable of producing a 280-lumen beam with a range of over 115 feet. The built-in Micro-USB rechargeable battery lasts up to 48 minutes on high or up to 50 hours on its lowest blue mood light setting, and capacitive touch controls ensure it's not coming on accidentally in your pocket.

Length: 2.12" / Width: 0.98" / Thickness: 0.35" / Weight: 0.85 oz.

Battery Life & Mode: 50 hours, Blue Mood Light / 17 hours, Moonlight (3 lumens) / 1 hour 50 minutes, Medium (50 lumens) / 48 minutes, High (280 lumens)

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