Nohrd Slimbeam Cable Machine

Nohrd Slimbeam Cable Machine


Cable machines are both effective and space-saving, which is why they're found in nearly every gym. The Nohrd Slimbeam lets you enjoy the benefits of cable training at home. Inside its sleek wood enclosure sit 14 weight plates that let you adjust between 11 and 165 pounds of resistance, each one rubberized to prevent noise. They're moved via cables attached to an adjustable butterfly mechanism that allows you to work both sides of your body at once, from nearly any angle imaginable. Despite all this, it sticks out less than a foot and a half from the wall, taking up very little room with its award-winning design. It arrives out of the box with a tonal wooden chin-up bar, accessory adapter, and rope grips, or you can take it to the next level with the optional aluminum lat bar, full leather exercise bench, and extension tonal wooden hand grips.

Height: 84.6" / Width: 15.7" / Depth: 7.9" / Weight: 264.6 lbs.

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