retaW Fragrance Tablets

retaW Fragrance Tablets


Sneakers, gym bags, sock drawers, and car interiors all have a tendency to get a little funky. Rather than covering the smell up with the generic aromas of sprays and powders, freshen up those compact quarters with the bespoke fragrances of retaW. Their Scent Tablets infuse thick paper sheets with the essence of champagne and bergamot, patchouli and vanilla, lily and cassis, or fresh milled Japanese soap. Each sheet can be used whole for a strong level of fragrance in drawers or closets, or separated into eight tiny tabs that can be tossed in spaces as small as wallets and pockets, or even a phone case, adding a subtle but noticeable signature scent to just about anything.


Allen: Lily / Cassis
Evelyn: Champagne / Bergamot
Barney: Fresh Milled Soap
Natural Mystic: Vanilla / Patchouli

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