Uncharted Supply Co. Triage Kit

Uncharted Supply Co. Triage Kit


Built with input from over 100 professionals, Uncharted Supply Co.'s Triage Kit is a must-have in the outdoors. It's made from internally-coated 30D double-ripstop nylon military surplus parachute fabric that's both lightweight and rugged. Inside are a variety of essential items to address small wounds on the trail and help stabilize larger issues until you can get proper aid. Best of all, the entire package weighs under 150 grams, so packing it along won't weigh you down.

10 UCO Storm Matches / 6 1" x 3" Fabric Band-Aids / 5 Curad Blister Bandage / 4 8" Zip Ties / 2 2" x 4" Fabric Band-Aids / Safety Pins / Gauze / Multi-Tool / 2 Asprin 2/PK / 4 2.7g PDI Lube Jelly / 2 1/4" x 3" Wound Closure Strips / 1 Flat Pack 5yd Duct Tape / 1 3' 22 Gauge Wire / 1 52" x 82.5" Emergency Blanket

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