Accuracy2 Watch Measurement Device

Accuracy2 Watch Measurement Device


The days of wondering if your watch is operating too slow or too fast each day are over, thanks to this ingenious device. Made with a sensor that detects every vibration in the movement of a mechanical watch, the Accuracy2 can help you keep your timepieces on schedule and let you know if a trip to the repair shop is truly necessary. By connecting to your smartphone or tablet, and then putting the watch crown on the device, the Accuracy2 detects the frequency, rate, amplitude, and beat error — four of the major ways to test the timing of a mechanical watch. The real-time analytics are relayed to your screen, and you can save them for future reference and differentiate between multiple timepieces in your collection.

Since magnetic fields are everywhere in our connected world and can have an effect on your watch of up to several minutes of precision loss per day, the Boutique Edition of the Accuracy2 is also available. This incredible tool was designed in partnership with famous Swiss watch brands and combines all the features of the Accuracy2 with the ability to demagnetize your timepieces at home in less than 2 minutes. Just place your watch on the Accuracy2 Boutique Edition and push the "demag" button on the app — saving yourself the time and money a trip to the repair shop would otherwise require. Each device is entirely Swiss-made and arrives in sleek brushed aluminum housings.

Accuracy2 Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 7.5 mm / Weight: 20g / Connector: USB-type C / Apple Lighting Adapted Included / Apple iPhone or iPad Shown Not Included

Accuracy2 Boutique Edition Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 20 mm / Weight: 200g / Connector: USB-type C / Apple Lighting Adapted Included / Apple iPhone or iPad Shown Not Included

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